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Making a Difference.

Kelly Pace Eichler’s experience working with the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government and as an active mother and community volunteer, make her uniquely qualified to create legislation that will make a positive difference for Arkansas.

“Kelly Pace Eichler is an experienced leader who understands the issues that concern the constituents of this district.”
Governor Mike Huckabee

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Katherine and Gene Adams
Cindy and Dr. Brian Alexander
Julie and Wally Allen
Charles “Chuck” Banks
Brett Barnett
Druann and Dr. Barry Baskin
Vada Berger
Bentley Blackmon
Pam and Rick Blank
Gus Blass III
Chucki and Curt Bradbury
Brick Bradford
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Frances Buchanan
Stephanie and Daniels Bynum
Dr. Richard Callaway
Christy and William Clark
Ann Pace and Tom Clifton
Lisa and Todd Cooper
Carrie and Kent Covert
Cathy and Kevin Crass
Bud Cummins
Ashley and Baker Cunningham
Judi and Dale Dawson
Ginny and John Deuschle
Laura and Mark Doramus
Jim Dowden
Pat and John Eichler
Kristen and Mike Emerson
Cindy and Greg Feltus
Leslie and Nik Fisken
Irene Forbes
Jeff Fox
Representative Ed Garner
Scott Gentry
Stacy and Worth Gibson
Janice and Jim Goodwin
Kathy and Roger Gravis
Rep. Dan Greenberg
Gena and Joe Gregory
Katherine Lawson Griffin
Kenny Gunderman
Carol and John Harris
Tom and Billie Hatcher
Jeff Hatfield
Melissa and Dr. Drake Hawkins
LouAnn and Eric Herget
Guy Hickman, D.C.
Sam Hilburn
Martha and French Hill
Governor Mike Huckabee
Jim Ikerman
Vicky and Jim Jacoby
Bryan Jeffery
Becca and Tom Kane
Betsy and Patrick Kortebein
H. T. Larzelere
Angela and Michael Leake
Shay Ledbetter
Shawn Look
Carol and Bobby Lord
Hope and Joe Massery
Rick Massey
Russ McDonough III
Tonya McNair
Debra and Blake Miller
Mary Ann and Wayne Moore
Betsy and Joe Mowery
Tammi Gattis and Steve Owings
Stephanie and Jim Pace
Carrie and Chris Palmer
Lisa and David Phillips
Virginia and Mike Porta
Terry Quinn
Ashley and Jim Rankin
Shelly and Tom Rayburn
John Reynolds
Leigh Anne Robinson
Jane Rogers
Leslie Rutledge
Julianne and John Satterfield IV
Vicki Saviers
Lori and Chris Schaffhauser
Betsy Shollmier
Nancy & Greg Sink
Julie and W. Walker Sloan
Rachel and Mike Smith Jr.
Patty and Mike Smith Sr.
Harriett and Warren Stephens
Angie and Phillip Sufferidge
Senator Sharon Trusty
Mica Turner
Patrick and Gail Walker
Mike W. Wallace
Boots and Alan Warrick
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Stacie and Jon Wickliffe
Shayla and Tommy Williams