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Student-Focused Education Policy

Parents—and employers—deserve a legislator who is focused on making our schools better. As a mother with children starting their first years in pubic schools, Kelly has a personal investment in the long-term improvement of our schools. As president of the PTA at the local neighborhood public school, Forest Park Elementary, she works with parents, teachers and administrators who have a single goal in mind—better education for our children. She is a staunch advocate for legislation that encourages schools to achieve unitary status, ending desegregation monitoring and the diversion of funds from educating our children to paying legal fees.

Protecting Families and Individual Rights

With 16 years of legal experience focused on making communities safer, Kelly knows how to draft and rally support for legislation targeted at both preventing crime and punishing those who hurt the most vulnerable members of our community—our children and the elderly. As a wife and mother, she will support the passage of any legislation that protects individual rights and traditional values of families in Arkansas.

A Tax Policy Benefiting Both Families and Businesses

A responsible tax policy and less waste in government benefit all taxpayers. Kelly believes families should not be burdened with paying taxes on basic needs and will make a complete elimination of the Grocery Tax a priority in the next legislative session. She will also work to develop incentives for businesses that invest in our people and communities, creating higher paying jobs and a better quality of life. But, controlling taxes is only one part of the solution. In the face of a slowing economy, she will challenge State Agencies to do more with less, so surpluses can be returned to the taxpayers instead of being used to grow more government programs.