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Prospect Terrace
  Kelly Eichler's letter dated July 10, 2008 and received today, July 17th, about the crime in my neighborhood could not have come at a more perfect time. As I took my morning walk today I noticed lots of "stuff" thro
Englewood (Forest Park)
  We would like to see increased patrols in our neighborhoods.
Colony West
  Thank you Kelly for all of your hard work on this matter!
Brucewood Addition 9300 West
  My neighborhood was peaceful & new 40 years ago when I moved in. I bought the last house on my end of a 2 part cul-de-sac. Since then the owners and the property has aged. Original owners have died and the heirs want to get rid of the property in a hurry. Therefore, they have no compunctions about selling to undesirables. That is what has moved in. Of course nothing can be done except to keep a watchful eye and report, to no avail I might add, blatant infractions of the peace and quiet. At least one h
Colony West
  If greater police presence is the only way to stop this crime wave then please supply it. Or silence the communistic ACLU and let me handle some of it myself
Pleasant Valley
  Yes, Kelly, I wish to join you in telling City Hall how concerned we are about crime in our neighborhoods.
Colony West
  I don't know the answers, but we need safer neighborhoods. Ours is safer than many others for which I am grateful, but that can change any minute.
Forest Park (Upper Heights)
  I see very few burglary reports for 72207 zip code listed in the Democrat Gazette, even though numerous burglaries are occurring. I'd like to know why? If a burglary or robbery is reported to the police, I want to know about it. These things are my business if they're happening in my neighborhood! What can I do about this lack of accurate reporting?
River Ridge/Robinwood
  Keep up your good work!
  In the last three to four months, we have had our car window broken and two $300 bikes stolen. Santa brought these bikes, so you can imagine how upset my children were. We now chain our new bikes up every night. Sometimes, I wake up at 2 am wondering did I chain the bikes up? I have also had my wallet stolen out of my unlocked car. But since I left it in an unlocked car that is my fault. But still knowing that someone was on my carport is creepy. I also live on the mayor's street. And I know that his family has had the same things happen at their house. Thank you for taking the time to address these problems!!
Prospect Terrace
  Go, Kelly!!!!!
  (We have had 4 robberies and our latest was 4/5/08) Our Alarm company called telling us our alarm had gone off. We were within 1/2 mile and we immediately returned home and saw our front door had been smashed in. We called the police and were told not to enter until the police came. We waited 20 minutes on our front porch(afraid to go in and hoping the bugular did not come out). I called them back and told them I had a knife and was going in...he was there immediately. Granted the tornados(and gawkers)had caused traffic problems nearby. We need more policemen!! (for many reasons)
  I would love to see speed humps put on my street. Car zoom past everday since they are taking the short-cut from Riverdale to Foxcroft/Cantrell via Rebsamen Park Rd. My cat was run over last Oct, as I watched!! I never think the woman knwe since she was on her cell phone and my house was broke in Mar 07 (the first day of spring I am sure) Laptop and flat screen stolen.
Treasure Hills
  We have lived in this subdivision over 25 years and burglary is our biggest problem. Also, several persons are suspected drug dealers. This has been reported to authorities, but seems to be still going on.
  The crime problem needs a solution that can be implemented and enforced. No more stories on jail space by the media and excuses made by those in charge.
  We appreciate your addressing this serious issue. Our next door neighbor was burgularized.
West little Rock
  I live on Foxcroft Road, which is just north of 8000 Cantrell. We all have BRINKS, ADT, or whatever. kind of sad though that we have to buy this protection, when we pay the taxes to protect us otherwise. Of course this does not protect our cars. Would appreciate a few more patrols, by the Police in the area. I had a car destroyed a few years ago by vandeles and there was nothing I could do about it, except file a criminal mistruff report. Why will the LR police not file a report of vandalism, or an accident, on a parking lot? Got Me! vandalism is vanvalism no mater where it occures. Go For It Kelley!!
Avondale Apartment
  Make Little Rock a safe place to live in
Colony Road
  I am concerned about the criminal activity in West Little Rock. Residents of Colony Road are quite sure that drugs are being sold from a house on this street and it has been reported by several residents to the Little Rock Police Dept Narcotice Division but the problem continues to exist.
  Crime in our neighborhood, Walton Heights-Candlewood is on the increase and there is no indication that City Hall is even aware of our situation. It's time for Mayor Stocola and Chief Thomas to make crime prevention a top priority for our city so that residents can feel safe in their own homes.
Walton Heights
  Our house was broken into in mid day in March. Virtually no follow-up by the dectective assigned to our case. His attitude was discouraging to say the least. I guess they see so much they become numb to it. Perhaps if it was their home they'd see it differently.
Hampton Court Condominiums
  I represent 12 property owners who live in our condominiums and all support you in this effort to obtain greater protection from crime in our neighborhood.
Walton Heights
  Its time we see at least a patrol car or two - its like we are forgotten until it happens
Northedge Road
  I have been lucky but some of my neighbors have not been so lucky. I know they are getting bolder with daylight robberies and burglaries. Go Kelly Go!!
Northedge Road
  I have been lucky but some of my neighbors have not been so lucky. I know they are getting bolder with daylight robberies and burglaries. Go Kelly Go!!
  I have lived in this neighborhoon for 5 years. I am very concerned regarding the rise in home and auto break in. We have also had a peeping Tom at our house twice. I love this area and work in the Prospect Building so it is very important to me that this neighborhood be safe and not be taken over by those who only want to do harm. I also have a daughter that lives with me and I need her to be safe!!! We need more of a presence of patrol cars.
Prospect Terrace
  A month ago, my vehicle was vandalized outside of my house to the tune of $1,600. Thank you for your responsible efforts, Kelly!
Towne Park Condominiums
  So far we have dealt successfully with managers of neighboring residences regarding the safety and behavior of the children around here, but a cruise around our circle once in a while wouldn't hurt. We rarely see a police car just cruising.
  I completely agree with Ms Eichler on the issue of crime in our neighborhoods. Steps MUST be taken to reverse this disturbing trend before even more residents opt to leave the city.
  I am very concerned that the crime rate is up and that we are less safe in our homes. There are core issues to be addressed but there are solutions at every level from basic to complicated.

Please, make this a priority.
  Thank you for your attention to crime in our neighborhood.
Heights (Cliffwood)
  I echo Kelly Eichler's voice of concern of the rising crime in & around our neighborhoods.
  My house has been broken in to twice in the last three years and nothing has been recovered.
  Our next door neighbor's front door was kicked in around 9:00 am a few months ago. The alarm scared him off.
  I,also, am fed up with lack of concern or response. Have also had my car broken into as have several of my neighbors.
Cantrell area
  My husband and I are very concerned with the amount of crime in our neighborhood. Our home has been the target of both vandalism and robbery. We have since purchased an alarm system (that we couldn't really afford). This has GOT to stop!
  I don't believe that expanding the county jail is the answer. The threat of jail is apparently not a significant enough deterrent.
  I am very concerned about the increase in crime. I have also had car windows shatterd, noticed a suspicious element of people on our streets and seen the rise in graffiti.
The Heights
  Thanks! I think it would help.
  We do not feel our property and families are as safe as they could be. We like our city and hope our sense of security can be restored.
  New jail a must.
  Not only do we need increased patrol and enforcement, but the LRPD needs to be more responsive. The Hit and Run section wont return phone calls.
Parkview addition
  We have had a few car windows broken out and things stolen when we were having people over.
  Both of my immediate neighbors had their cars broken into. Also, how many motorcycle wrecks and deaths have to occur on Cantrell's winding hills? It is amazing how fast motorcyclist are driving on that section of Cantrell, especially on weekends.
  I have had my car broken into 3 times and just recently caught a car-break in progress at 3 a.m in the morning.
Breckenridge Area
  My wifes car and my neighbors car have been broken into in the last year.
  a week ago three houses in the next block were broken into. the list gets longer each week.
  This community needs to develop long term funding solutions to our crime/jail over crowding problem.
Pulaski Heights
  I believe we need more police protection in our area.
  Thank you !!!!
Colony West
  I bet, City Hall will say there is nothing they can do until the citizens vote for more money to increase the jail space and hire more police which is a valid point.
  A bicycle was stolen out of the carport and my car was broken into. Two different incidents. I believe that neither incident appeared in the newspaper.
Ludington Heights
  We also need property codes enforced.
Forrest Hills Condos Heights
  we have had several graffatti incidents and attempted burglaries in our condo complex lately
  i want to add my voice as a citizen of little rock to the growing problem in the riverdale area especially in the riverdale harvest food shoppping center. i moved to little rock from caseyville illinois 4 years ago and once in awhile there was a isolated incident that you heard or saw. the problem though has gotten worse. Over the last 2 months i have seen the dollar general store get robbed, several fights and police cars frequntly appearing at the harvest food stores. there was a discounted clothing store in the plaza that recently closed and there seems to be a lot of vehicle traffic parked behind that store at night that was not there when the store was open. does the words possible drug trafficking come to mind ? Once in awhile you would see homeless people looking for handouts now what you are seeing are more aggressive panhandlers in the area who seem to be concentrating thier effors by harvest foods, riverdale movie theater and office depot store. In addition i dont go to th
  I have been so tired of my car being broken into and not able to do anything about it. I hope we can come together as a team and figure out what can be done.

Thanks Kelly Eichler for your attention to this matter.
  The crime in Little Rock has become alarming and getting more so because of NO JAIL SPACE. What is really disgusting is to see a speed trap set up on my road (Reservoir) for the entire afternoon with 3 policeman working it!! They should be out on patrol. As a single woman, I feel like I have to keep my security alarm on all the time, even when I'm home. Why is it that our tax dollars are going on rail trolleys and pedestrian bridges??? Thanks for all you are trying to do..we need more people like you.
River Ridge Manor
  Let's clean up crime in this city and keep the criminals off the street!
  go get em!
  I have numerous close friends who have been the victim of crime...and they all live in my neighborhood! Please take action and patrol!
Prospect Terrace
  Thank heavens for the neighborhood reporting of burglaries online because if I read the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, I would think that 72207 never had any and it was totally safe. Thank heavens it is just property crime and has not escalated to murders or constant gun shots. Now we see gang signs on walls and buildings - what is next? We need more jail space to keep the revolving door shut on habitual criminals. Be tough on criminals and make ALL of Little Rock safer.
Walton Heights
Forest Park addition north of Cantrell
  I had a locked storage building broken into about 4 or 5 weeks ago.
Prospect Terrace
  Mayor Stodola and Chief Thomas - safety of the citizenry is the primary reason for government - please help stop the crime.
Edgehill and Armistead - Heights
  Kelly is right. We are tired of this petty crime and need more police protection and programs to keep ALL of our neighborhoods safe.
Heights (Prospect Heights)
  In addition to increased crime and vandalism along Cantrell, I am also concerned about the high speed and extremely loud music from cars around the Cantrell/Kavanaugh intersection on weekend nights. Aggressively stopping speeders on weekend nights, especially the large groups of motorcycles, would make a huge improvement. The Little Rock police are always welcome to use my property to set up radar, etc.
west Little Rock off Cantrell
  Need more jails and teach respect for the law
  Last July, we had several car break-ins with my car being one of them.Like many others,I never saw it mentioned in the crime report. Several weeks ago while standing in my son's frontyard on the North Taylor speedway,a car pulled over with 2 people jumping out,to steal his Children at Play signs.I realize this is minor but it made us wonder just what else had these folks been stealing for the day!Help!
  It's time for TAXPAYERS to be protected. We pay property tax and have alarm systems and now neighbors are talking about private security ??? This is nuts!

Protect the taxpayers and their children and property. To hell with the criminal. If the City and County can't build a jail force the State to build a jail in Pulaski County and let any County or City Jail in the State use it for overflow.
  please help with more police around apartment complexes in this section of many youg men roaming the is unsettling to our older folks.
  Kelly -

Thank you for addressing this issue

and for being willing to take our concerns to Mark Stodola & Chief Thomas.
lower Cantrell
  My neighbors and I would like to see a reduction of home security crimes reduced in our neighborhood. Many are older citizens and without e-mail. I am representing many.
Riverdale/Cantrell Area
  I am so sick and tired of seeing all the recent vandalism! The graffiti is just horrible! Good people want to live in a neighborhood that is clean and safe. Seeing this type stuff makes me nervous.
pleasant valley
  The increase in police presence should not only be for generating speeding tickets, rather, it should include patrolling and visibile positive interaction with the residents.

We too had an incident with grafitti on our synagogue grounds near the Pleasant Ridge Center
Brook Hollow
  I would like to see more of a police presence in our neighborhood. Ever since I moved here over 4 years ago we have had houses broken into. Someone tried to pry my back door open and didn't succeed, but they did steal my daughter's car from my carport. Periodically there is a rash of egg throwing at our cars which are almost all parked outside in carports. My son-in-law threatened a man who was trying to get into his tool shed in the back yard during very early morning hours scaring him into jumping the low fence. That fence is now a high fence. Up the street and in back of us are reports of thefts. When I first moved into a neighborhood two women were killed in their home on the street in back of us. I live on Poinsetta Drive just off of Markham.
  I believe anyone caught doing graffitti on public or private property should be prosecuted and made to personally repair the damages back to normal.
Kingwood Neighborhood Association
  Thanks for taking this on.

Need more visible & active police issuing citations for speeding and going through stop signs.

Public & property owners need to know ordinances regarding: noise (loud or no mufflers on vehicles especially motorcycles), barking dogs, unkept & unsafe properties, trash bins & yard waste and trash left @ curbside for extended periods.

How can citizens "easily" check and see if situations in their neighborhood is not in compliance.

Thanks for all that you do.
  Until recently, crime did not exist in our neighborhood. This past year the crime situation continues to get worse. If the city is doing anything to curb crime, it does not show. The response that our jails are full should indicate to City Hall that more jail beds is not the solution. It is too easy to pass blame - other action is needed!
Prospect Terrace
  Thank you, Kelly.
  Kelly- We live in Cammack - but we're concerned about this issue. Keep up the great work. We're pulling for you.
  Thanks, this is perfect timing since two cars on my street were broken into this past week. We have been told to not leave anything of value in our cars, but it doesn't matter, besides, why should WE be under "house arrest"?
Colony West
  One solution would be to add to LR's existing police force, however if the court system continually releases offenders back into society because Pulaski

Co. is unable to provide adequate detention facilities, maybe LR should create it's own facility or add on to it's existing jail. An inconvenient truth about this situation is that we need to finance (through taxation) such a facility to put consequences back into committing a crime!
  Thank you for addressing this problem.
Prospect Terrace
  I would like to see more police patrols in our neighborhood. Thanks Kelly for taking this on,its way overdue.
prospect terrace
  petty crime is out of control. the state needs to go ahead and build a state penitentiary. there are no repercussions for these unlawful people. what a mess.
walton heights
  one two occasions someone has shot out car windows with bb guns. most annoying and costly to those involved. the only police i see in my neighborhood is the radar/motorcycles tagging speeders on their way to work.
  thanks Kelly for caring. Cammack village has NO crime because the police are on their streets every day. we need to go back to the beet concept-- where policemen covers a certain area every day and the people know them personaly and they know the people, with this strangers are noticed by all.
Heights, Shadow Lawn
  Multiple cars, including ours have been broken into on our street. No one hurt yet. We need more police presence and appropriate consequences for these actions. Thanks Kelly for putting our voices together.
North McKinley St.
  In the past two years, I have had my iPod stolen from my locked truck and hundreds of dollars worth of lawn equipment stolen from my shed. Just recently my neighbor from across the street had all three of his vehicles broken into overnight. A friend of mine on Durwood street had his truck broken into and two laptops stolen. I find the term "petty crime" offensive. These aren't just possessions, they are our hard-earned dollars and the time we spent earning them being taken, not to mention our peace of mind. We desperately need increased police presence.
Cammack Village
  NY City has superior police protection. I agree that LR residents have accepted the crimes you describe as the norm. Thanks for your campaign.
Paschal Heights
  I agree with everything you have said. Having lived in LR most of my life, it is so sad to know that when you sit in your yard, you have to be alert and ready to avid being a victim. It is not right for law-abiding citizens to live this way.
Prospect Terrace
  I rarely see any police patrols in the Heights. In addition to paying high property taxes, we also pay for private security. Neighborhoods should not have to do that. That is the job of the police. The crime in the area lately has been ridiculous. These criminals need to be locked up.
  General crime and flouting of traffic laws by cars and motorcyclists on Cantrell are of concern. Despite it being a state highway, it runs through a neighborhood but, it is treated as a drag strip by many.
Prospect Terrace
  Thanks for taking this on, Kelly.
  I'm getting tired of seeing police officers camped out at waffle house on my tax dollars. I feel like the citizens should be getting more for their money. I don't have the time to fight crime in my neighborhood myself, thats why I pay for police and jails.....I thought.
  This is crazy! What has happened to our sweet neighborhhod. I find myself putting my alarm on while I am at home by myself. We have only had a lawnmower stolen but wake each morning to see what is next.
  more jail space needed
Noramandy / Pine Manor

I received your letter and agree that we must do something about the rise of crime in Little Rock. Please let me know how I can help.
Prospect Terrace
  Please take crime in these neighborhoods seriously and increase patrols by officers.
Prospect Terrace
  An increased police presence would deter criminals.
The Heights
  I have had several items stolen on seperate occasions along with some vandelism as well as finding a loaded hand gun in my trash dumpster behind my house right by Forest Park Elementary
  I'm concerned about crime in general,and petty crime in our neighborhoods, in particular.

I think we build big jails and lock these criminals up and throw the keys away!!
  We are very concerned about the crime in Foxcroft, all of Little Rock, and Pulaski Co. When we supported Mark Stodola for his election, we voiced this same concern. We feel this should be a top priority in our city. We need more police patrol for the hundreds of people who speed on Foxhunt Road daily cutting through our neighborhood. Thank you, Kelly, for addressing this important issue.
  I am feed up with crime in our neighborhoods as well. Let me know additional actions I can take to support efforts to rid Little Rock of the recent crime wave. Thank you Kelly for making a stand for us all!


  We would like to see more patrols in our Robinwood neighborhood.
Alden Ln. / Cantrel
  Kelly, your effort is commendable. I hope the awareness you are creating will lead to government support of community action in addressing drug and crime issue
  We need increased police presence because of unprecedented break-ins, robberies and other criminal activity.
River Ridge
  We need to feel safe in our homes.
  Thanks for being aware of and concern for the citizens in your district.
  Kelly , I am proud of you for

caring enough about your community to speak out against

the issues which plague the working folks in your district.
Prospect Terrace
  Thanks for your dedication, Kelly!